Blue butterflies

Free high quality wallpapers of Blue Butterflies. I love to shoot the beauty of Swedish nature and bring it to life on my web site. So full of color and of many shapes and sizes. Quite a challenge to shoot.

Midsommarblåvinge Aricia artaxerxesTosteblåvinge Celastrina argiolusSilverblåvinge Hane Polyommatus amandus Mindre blåvinge Cupido minimus Silverblåvinge Hona Polyommatus amandus Fetörtsblåvinge Scolitantides orion Violett blåvinge Hona Plebejus optilete Violett blåvinge Plebejus optilete Tosteblåvinge Hona Celastrina argiolus Mindre blåvinge Cupido minimusMidsommarblåvinge Aricia artaxerxesHedblåvinge Plebejus idasKlöverblåvinge Glaucopsyche alexisSilverblåvinge Polyommatus amandusFetörtsblåvinge Scolitantides orionFetörtsblåvinge Scolitantides orion