White butterflies

Free high quality wallpapers of White and yellow Butterflies. I love to shoot the beauty of Swedish nature and bring it to life on my web site. So full of color and of many shapes and sizes. Quite a challenge to shoot.

Citronfjäril Gonepteryx rhamniApollofjäril Parnassius apollo Vita fjärilarÄngsvitvinge Leptidea realiAurorafjäril Anthocharis cardaminesCitronfjäril Gonepteryx rhamniMakaonfjäril Papilio machaonMakaonfjäril Papilio machaonApollofjäril Parnassius apolloAurorafjäril Anthocharis cardaminesKålfjäril Pieris brassicaeCitronfjäril hane Gonepteryx rhamni